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planeshop reviews

A new meaning for the phrase ‘Destination Branding’

Also available at Planeshop will be Planemix, a downloadable selection of global digital music tracks that rotate each month, and ‘Foodflight’, a selection of tapas and sangria for takeout or...
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Glasgow Updates Airport Shopping With Snazzy 'Planeshop' Concept

We love love love stuff like this because it helps to make an airport a destination in itself, giving you something to look forward and possibly counteracting the frustration experienced during the...
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Brands to take
turn running airport store

The brainchild of the founder of Vacant — which was probably the first pop-up store way back when — Planeshop is billed as a permanent shop with a flexible retailing concept. Brands will take over...
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Check out places around the world and on the web.
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A digital mix to keep you entertained on your flight.
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