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All the airline information you need for Glasgow Airport.


A taxi stand is located outside the main entrance to the Airport.

By bike

Parking for bikes is located outside the Airport.

Interactive Map

Click to zoom in or drag your mouse to explore the map. For driving directions, click on the planeshop marker and enter your location.

Airport Parking

Parking is located at the main airport terminal building.

Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport is one of the UK's busiest international airports, with more than 8 million passengers a year, flying to around 90 destinations worldwide. It is Scotland's principal long haul gateway and is owned by BAA.

Look out!

Do not leave your baggage unnattended at the airport.


A tapas selection specially prepared for your flight.

Say cheese!

Have some fun at the airport with our face and eye tracking camera. Only at Glasgow Airport.


Sorry, no karaoke, but we do have free WiFi for customers.

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