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What is flexible retailing ?

planeshop is a permanent shop with a flexible concept. Brands takeover planeshop for a limited time, so there will always be something exciting to see at planeshop.

Which brand is running planeshop ?

Check out the planefashion page for more information on brand updates. Sign up for planelist for the latest information or check back to the website for more information.

Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport is one of the UK's busiest international airports, with more than 8 million passengers a year, flying to around 90 destinations worldwide. It is Scotland's principal long haul gateway and is owned by BAA.

Who is planeshop ?

We are known for pioneering the Popup store concept in the United States in 1999. Our stores have been featured on MTV and Fox 5, and in Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Vogue, Entrepeneur, Elle, ID Magazine, Financial Times, IHT and

Look out!

Do not leave your baggage unnattended at the airport.

Contact us

Have a question.. we are listening. More> 

Say cheese!

Have some fun at the airport with our face and eye tracking camera. Only at Glasgow Airport.


No, its not a list of flight arrivals, get on the list for all the planeshop details and exclusives.

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