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All about planeshop.

Not just another shop... Our flexible retailing concept, where brands rotate the store for a limited time. More> 

Where is planeshop ?

planeshop is arriving soon at our
new destination. Stay tuned
for more details.

Have your say!

Which brand would you most like to see running planeshop. More> 

Updated News

Merlot or Chardonnay

A selection of unique wines from our travels. Or try our wine flight of some of the best planeshop has to offer. More> 

Music for your journey

Download the latest planemix to keep you entertained on your flight. Tracks include Empire of the Sun and MGMT. More> 

Food fight...sorry flight!

Our foodflight menu will ensure you do not go hungry on those long flights! More> 

City Guides

planeshop is located inside the airport
but if you step outside, the city has so
much to offer. More> 

 planeshop for iPhone

  All the latest brand updates and
  information delivered to your iPhone.


Travel, fashion and style and a little bit of everything else all wrapped up in a magazine.

There’s nothing to do but wait!

Have some fun at the airport with our face and eye tracking camera.

Airport information

All the shops, events, promotions, the airlines, and the details you need to know. More> 

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